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I know we've been a little quiet...
Friday, October 07, 2005

It's certainly not that there's any shortage of stuff to write about - merely that I've been so focused on product development recently that writing has had to take a backseat. Although that's not something I'm particularly happy about, I just haven't had the time. Oh well.

Given all that, a quick update on where we are with everything is well overdue I think.

The good news is that We're now in the late stages of beta testing for the first release of Visual Lint. For the last few months we've been working flat out to ensure that the product is feature complete and stable for the first release, while our testers have been beavering away feeding back bugs (although nowhere near as many as we expected, which is heartening) and feature requests to us.

With the exception of a handful of (mostly minor) bugs which we still intend to fix before release, we're almost ready to go. The only significant jobs we have left are non-technical ones...things like merchanting, sales and marketing.

As an aside, anyone who's been watching our progress over the last few months will also have noticed that we've re-themed our site (a change for the better, we hope!) and added a new Display...the Lint Analysis Results Display:

The Lint Analysis Results Display provides a flexible, easy to use medium for viewing Lint analysis results.

Although this was something we didn't plan to develop for the initial release of the product (although it was on our list for later...), our testing revealed how necessary it actually was. We hope you like it.

Of course the initial product release is just the beginning. For some time now we've been developing our ideas on where we can take the product in future, and it's been reassuring to note that the features our testers have been requesting are almost without exception ones we already have on our long term plan!

We're not neglecting LintProject or ResOrg either. I'll talk about them shortly.

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