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Visual Lint has been released
Monday, May 08, 2006

We are pleased to announce that Visual Lint is now available.

Although this is a minor update (most of our efforts at the moment are going into Visual Lint 1.1, which will incidentally be a free upgrade) it does include two significant enhancements - support for Visual Studio 2005 Solution Folders (a new and very useful feature in VS2005) and a greatly improved analysis results parser, which should make troubleshooting the initial configuration of the add-in much simpler.

The full set of changes included in this version are:

  • Added support for VS2005 solution folders, which allow projects to be organised into subfolders within the Solution Explorer [IMS ID 173]

  • When a lint issue in the Analysis Results Display is double clicked, the line the issue relates to is now centred in the code editor [IMS ID 174].

  • The analysis results parser now copes better with lint messages which are not in the expected format. This is most likely to happen with some fatal error messages or those generated during a specific walk [IMS ID 164].

  • Guarded against window object retrieval failures while activating files in the Analysis Results Display. This change is precautionary.

  • If an unexpected exception occurs during the loading of a solution, a message is now displayed in the Status Window. This change is precautionary.

As ever, we welcome your feedback.

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