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Welcome to our developer's blog. We hope that this forum provides an insight into us, our products and how we develop them. Please feel free to write to us if you have anything to add to any of the posts here.

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New features in Visual Lint 1.1
Thursday, June 22, 2006

Over the past three months we've been rapidly working our way through our "todo" list for the development of next version of Visual Lint - Visual Lint 1.1. We've had preliminary builds with our testers since early May now, and the feedback we've received has proved as invaluable as ever. We are still short of testers using Visual Studio 6.0, however, so if you are using that platform and feel you are in a position to contribute to our beta programme we would very much like to hear from you.

While we're doing this we are also periodically releasing minor revisions to Visual Lint 1.0 as required - and of course we don't rule out adding the occasional small feature if it makes sense to do so (as the recent addition of improved support for additional platforms illustrates).

I've previously talked about 1.1 being primarily focused on Visual Studio 6.0 support. Whilst that's true the integration with later versions of Visual Studio is significantly improved too. Although many of the improvements are subtle, there are a few areas which are most noticeable:

  • Greater control over the command lines used during analysis. For loop scope compliance options (/Zc:ForScope) for each project are now automatically reflected during analysis using the PC-Lint +/-ffb options, as is the IDE's tab size (useful in environments where -t4 is not the standard). To support these the Options Dialog has gained a new Command Line page:

    The Command Line page allows the Lint command line to be customised

  • You can now choose whether the warning policy file (conventionally options.lnt) is specified within std.lnt or directly on the command line (Visual Lint 1.0 supports only the former).

  • Real time display of "in progress" analysis results. In Visual Lint 1.0, you can only view the analysis results for a file once it has completed analysis. By contrast, Visual Lint 1.1 allows you to view analysis results (both raw and processed) as they are generated.

  • The Manual Analysis Dialog is no longer modal, so you can switch to other displays while it is running. I find this significantly more convenient than the previous behaviour.

  • The Analysis Status Display has had a rather noticeable makeover. It now displays information on projects as well as individual files, preloads projects (very useful if the solution is large) and uses icons and colour coding to indicate the severity of the issues encountered in each file or project. We've also added some controls to the top of the display to make it easier to navigate between projects, and improved the colour depth of the icons used:

The Analysis Status Display now shows a summary of the status of all projects in the solution The Analysis Status Display now indicates the highest issue level found in each file and project

Visual Lint 1.1 will be a free upgrade for existing customers. We anticipate it will become publicly available in late Autumn, although that of course depends on the results of our testing.

Postscript: As it turns out Visual Lint 1.1. was actually released as Visual Lint 1.5. Basically we received so many requests to release some of the Professional Edition functionality we were working on that it turned out to be a far more major release than planned, and the versioning reflects that.

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Visual Lint has been released
Monday, June 12, 2006

We are pleased to announce that Visual Lint is now available.

The changes included in this version are:

  • Modified the balloon tip component used by Visual Lint to display notifications when a solution analysis completes etc. for compatibility with Hardware DEP (Data Execution Prevention) enabled systems [IMS ID 189].

    The blog entry Data Execution Protection & Rex Winn discusses this issue in depth.

  • Increased the duration of the tooltips shown by the Analysis Status and Results Displays from 5s (the default) to 30s [IMS ID 177].

  • When a message is double clicked on in the Analysis Results Display, the selection is extended by one character to ensure that long lines are not scrolled to the extreme right in the code editor.

  • Further improvements to the Analysis Results parser (to handle messages such as "Error 314: Previously used .lnt file: C:\Lint\options.lnt").

  • The command line used during each analysis task is now displayed in the Visual Lint Status pane of the Output Window.
As ever, we welcome your feedback.

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