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Our PC-Lint warning policy files
Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One of the most annoying tasks a developer starting to use a code analysis tool such as PC-Lint faces is to tne their configuration to work well with the frameworks they use and eliminate "noise" from library and framework header files. We are no exception, and over the past two years we've been gradually refining the warning policy we use to filter out issues from commonly used header files.

A discussion thread today in the Lounge reminded me that I have been meaning to publish a copy of our lint warning policy files for some time, so I guess now is as good a time as any!

As well as our general warning policy (we disable a handful of issues, but nothing significant. Everything else is turned on), our policy also deals with:

  • A handful of compiler funnies, relating to __FUNCTION__, __noop and __debugbreak.

  • Win32 macros and runtime library functions.

  • ATL/COM macros, templates and classes.

  • WTL macros, templates and classes.

  • ADO macros.

  • MFC macros, templates and classes.
I won't describe the contents of this file in detail as it should be self explanatory for anyone familiar with PC-Lint options. For completeness, a companion std.lnt file is also published below:

The zipfile below contains std.lnt files for each supported IDE, as well as our options.lnt warning policy file and the riverblade.lnt file we use to suppress common issues in Win32 API and the MFC, ATL and WTL frameworks:

We update these files periodically. In the meantime, if you have a correction or addition you would like to submit, please let us know.

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