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Visual Lint and LintProject have been released
Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We are happy to announce that Visual Lint and LintProject have been released.

The following changes are included in Visual Lint
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing the Analysis Results Display from updating if the corresponding file was not the active document [IMS ID 245].

  • When the "pin" in the Analysis Results Display is deactivated, the display will now re-synchronise with the active file.

  • The Analysis Results Display no longer clears when the corresponding file is closed if the "pin" is active.

  • Added support to Visual Lint Professional Edition for per-file Preprocessor Definitions and Additional Include Folders. Note that as PC-Lint does not provide a way to override the settings in a .lnt file the properties added are in addition to those defined in the corresponding project specific .lnt file. As a result, these properties are used only in single file (unit checkout) analysis and the Visual Studio $(NoInherit) property cannot be supported.

  • Minor corrections to the analysis results parser to handle malformed issues such as:

    -- Module: d:\Projects\magellan\main\code\magellan\MgAIAction.cpp
    #include "co-msc80.h" /* generated from -header(co-msc80.h) */
    d:\Projects\magellan\main\code\magellan\MgAIAction.cpp(0): error 322:
    (Error -- Unable to open include file 'co-msc80.h')

  • Desensitised the analysis results parser to repeated backslashes ('\\') in pathnames.

  • Fixed a bug which was preventing the background analysis status from being set correctly when the add-in was loaded.

  • Fixed a bug which could cause projects to be incorrectly excluded from analysis when running with a Standard Edition licence.

  • The Analysis Results Display now updates appropriately as each project within the solution loads (previously, it did not load until the solution load completed).

  • The Analysis Results Display is now cleared when a workspace is closed under Visual Studio 6.0 or eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0.

  • Temporary analysis files (.tmp) are now deleted from project analysis results folders when a solution is loaded or the active solution configuration is changed.

  • The Manual Analysis Dialog now uses a marquee progress bar when running on Windows Vista or later.

  • The "View Results" button in the Manual Analysis Dialog now forces the correct results to be shown in the Analysis Results Display.

The following changes are included in LintProject

  • Added /configfile switch to allow the filename of the std.lnt file to be specified.

  • Incorporated customer requested fixes and corrections.

  • Started removing MFC specific code.

  • Fixed most outstanding lint issues.

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