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Riverblade are sponsoring ESWC 2007
Thursday, July 12, 2007

Riverblade are a Supporting Sponsor of ESWC 2007

It's not often you will see one of our banner ads, and that's no surprise - until now we've been so busy dealing with the technical side of things that we've not made the time to seriously consider our marketing.

That is a very common pitfall for small ISVs, and one which we are all too well aware of. Fortunately, the market we are in is one in which we can achieve significant sales without formal advertising.

However, we are now finally starting to address this. If you head over to the site for the European Software Conference right now may notice our logo about half way down the page (and possibly our banner ad if you happen to time it right).

We did of course attend ESWC 2006 in Cambridge last November, and while we were there it became abundantly clear to us that this was an event we would like to be involved in. In consequence, we have been quietly putting together some of the material we knew we would need (banner ad, updated logo, marketing blurb and other marketing materials) over the past few weeks, and a couple of days ago we signed up as a "Supporting Sponsor" for the very reasonable fee of around £412.

For this we will (according to the Sponsors page) receive:

  • A banner ad on the top of the ESWC web site (468x60 pixels) appearing once per rotation.

  • A company listing on the home page of the ESWC web site.

  • An exhibition area (about 1 sqm ) with half a table and background wall open during the whole conference.

  • A company listing on the Current Sponsors page, and a paragraph description (250 words) of our product/service and hyperlinked to our company web site.

  • A half page insert in the conference agenda.

  • Our name and sponsorship status will be read aloud at the conclusion of the conference.

  • Two complimentary registrations to attend the EWSC.
Given that individual registrations cost £90 each anyway, this was a real no-brainer, and a chance to refine our marketing skills before the much larger ACCU conference next April.

We still have to put together some brochures and the conference agenda insert, but we're getting there.

Riverblade are a Supporting Sponsors of ESWC 2007

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