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Welcome to our developer's blog. We hope that this forum provides an insight into us, our products and how we develop them. Please feel free to write to us if you have anything to add to any of the posts here.

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Firefox issues fixed
Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm happy to say that we've finally managed to track down the CSS issue that was causing Firefox to render pages on this site (and in particular the navigation bar) incorrectly.

We still have some minor cross browser niggles to deal with - notably font sizing (we've tried to keep all font sizes relative for obvious reasons, but IE and Firefox disagree on what size "smaller" actually is). There is also an annoying issue with the font sizes used on the navigation bar in the online store...something which is only partly under our control as the CSS is partly specified by our merchant.

We'll keep plugging away at it, however. We're hoping to revamp parts of the site before the ESWC at the start of November, so we'll try to address the outstanding issues mentioned above as we undertake that exercise.

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We've been "Podcasted"...
Saturday, September 01, 2007

If you've been reading this blog for a while you may remember that last November we attended the European Shareware Conference 2006 (ESWC) in Cambridge.

This was the first conference we had attended as a company, and the first I've encountered which was specifically targetted at Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). As a result, we didn't have any real preconceptions of what to expect (the programme certainly sounded interesting), and the fact that the first item on the agenda was effectively "meet in the pub get to know everybody" the night before indicated that this conference was a highly social event.

Aside from being plyed with drinks by Microsoft and Digital River, this was also an opportunity to meet some of the "characters" in this part of the industry. One of them is Mike Dulin, who runs an internet radio podcast site targetted at ISVs. If you've ever met Mike, you'll know why I refer to him as a "character"...I don't need to say any more.

The upshot was that we were talked into doing an interview the following morning. At 9am (and still slightly hung over from the previous night) we wandered up to Mike's hotel room upstairs, which had been converted into an impromptu recording studio for the duration of the conference. It was a new experience for us, and we've been watching Mike's site ( every Thursday since then to see when it would appear (Mike records his interviews en-masse at conferences such as ESWC, and podcasts them over the following months).

On Wednesday we had an email from Mike to tell us that the podcast was to be broadcast the following day:

I listened to most of it yesterday, and I have to say that despite being quite nervous at the time it comes over far better than I expected (let's face it - I wouldn't be linking to it if it was that cringeworthy). It is also interesting to compare what we've done over the past few months with what we said we were going to do at the time - suffice it to say that our plans have changed a little, but not drastically.

We will of course be at the ESWC 2007 (now called the European Software Conference) in Cologne this November, so if Mike is there we will no doubt be in front of the microphone again. Hopefully I won't have a hangover this time, though...

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