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Welcome to our developer's blog. We hope that this forum provides an insight into us, our products and how we develop them. Please feel free to write to us if you have anything to add to any of the posts here.

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Visual Lint has been released
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The following changes are included:
  • Corrected a bug in the project file reader which caused Visual Studio inherited property sheet (.vsprops) files referenced via relative paths of the form "\foldername\filename.ext" to be located incorrectly.

  • Added support for the new "ShowSourceInOutput" attribute introduced in IncrediBuild 3.50 in the XGE XML interfaces used by Visual Lint to perform grid analysis tasks.

    As the introduction of this new attribute is a breaking change (omitting it results in changed behaviour which prevents Visual Lint from cross referencing analysis results for individual tasks back to the initiating objects), this change is required if grid analysis is to be run with IncrediBuild 3.50 onwards.

  • Corrected a bug in the IncrediBuild interfacing task which could cause no threads to be allocated for analysis results processing on single core machines.

  • Updated the PC-lint 9 message database to include changes (messages 83 and 457) and new messages (1084-1085, 1096-1111 and 1574) included in the updated msg.txt file for PC-lint 9.00d.
Note that this is likely to be the final Visual Lint 2.0 build as a Visual Lint 2.5 release candidate is currently being tested. As Visual Lint 2.5 will accept Visual Lint 2.0 licences directly existing v2.0 licences can be used without modification.

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Breaking change in IncrediBuild 3.50 RC
Monday, January 04, 2010

Just after Christmas we discovered a breaking change in IncrediBuild 3.50 RC (released on 24th December) which affects the Visual Lint/IncrediBuild integration. As this behaviour was not present in the 3.50 beta, we unfortunately weren't aware of it until a customer stumbled on it during the holiday.

Fortunately the original (pre 3.50) behaviour can be reinstated by adding the attribute "ShowSourceInOutput" to the generated XML configuration file used to instruct xgconsole (the IncrediBuild console grid engine) to initiate the analysis. Visual Lint has now been modified to add this attribute when running with IncrediBuild 3.50 or later, so if you are affected by this issue (which manifests as an "IncrediBuild analysis failed" task dialog shown after the analysis completes) you can download an updated build from:

[Update: Replaced link with one to the latest formal build which incorporates this change]

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