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Visual Lint has been released
Saturday, February 06, 2010

This is the first public Visual Lint 2.5 build, so there is a somewhat longer changelist than usual:

  • Added support for Visual Studio 2010. Note that as a result of some rather nasty regressions in the Visual Studio 2010 automation interfaces (even at Beta 2) this support is not yet complete and further changes are expected to be required once the Visual Studio 2010 RTM build is available.

  • Revised the add-in startup/connection sequence and add-in menubar configuration mechanism for compatibility with Visual Studio 2010 (these changes should be transparent to the user).

  • Removed support for Visual Lint Free Edition. Available product editions in Visual Lint 2.5 are Standard, Professional and Enterprise Editions.

  • Issue category export files generated by Visual Lint are now formatted in a human readable form [Visual Lint Professional and Enterprise Editions].

  • Project specific analysis configuration (.vloptions) files are now formatted in a human readable form [Visual Lint Enterprise Edition].

  • For diagnostic purposes, the contents of the "Visual Lint Status"pane in the Output Window are now logged to the folder CSIDL_COMMON_APPDATA\Riverblade\Visual Lint. Logfiles are automatically deleted after 30 days.

User Interface
  • When licence key data is pasted into the first (registered user) edit control in the Registration Key Dialog, it is now parsed to determine if the data extends over multiple lines. If so, the second non-empty line of text is automatically entered into the licence key control.

  • Added a "Host IDE/toolchain" drop list to the "PC-lint" options page. Although this is always disabled when hosted in most environments, it will soon be required to support multi-targetting in Visual Studio 2010, as well as for some non-Visual Studio environments.

  • Added a "View History" button to the Analysis Status Display. Minor improvements to the corresponding "View Analysis History" context menu command.

  • Added a "Do not ask me again" option to product edition prompts in registered installations and to the Manual Analysis save prompt.

  • The elapsed time indicator on the Manual Analysis Dialog is now hidden until the first update.

  • The confirmation text shown after a key is entered now shows the actual name of the host, not just "Visual Studio".

  • Removed the old "one click activate" display option in the Analysis Status Display.

  • Corrected the file filters used for the File Open dialogs in the Advanced Solution Configuration dialog.

  • A Visual Lint icon is now displayed in the Visual Studio splash screen [Visual Studio 2002/2003/2005/2008 only].

  • Corrected "PC-Lint" to "PC-lint" throughout.

  • Renamed the "Visual C++" options page to "PC-lint" for clarity.

  • Added support for "Post Analysis" Events to the Advanced Solution Configuration dialog. When enabled, the specified application will be run when the analysis of a solution completes. This setting is defined on a per solution basis and persisted to the corresponding .vloptions file stored in the solution folder.

  • When a Visual C++ project file is parsed, the default settings for for-loop compliance (false for VS2002/2003; true for VS2005 and later) and C++ exceptions (always true) are now set correctly.

  • For loop compliance settings are now read from project files and written to the corresponding project indirect files directly where possible. As a result, the "for loop compliance" option on the "Command Line" page is now used only when Visual Lint has been configured to allow PC-lint to write project indirect files.

  • Added limited support for the $(TargetDir) variable within project configurations by aliasing it to $(OutDir) [VS2002-VS2008].

  • Minor corrections to the analysis results parser.

  • The scheduler no longer attempts to populate the analysis queue if an analysis tool has not yet been defined.

  • Analysis tasks (and in particular IncrediBuild analysis tasks, which often deal with high volumes of data) now respond to shutdown requests faster.

  • The IncrediBuild post-task analysis results processing timeout can now be configured via a registry entry (HKCU\Software\Riverblade\Visual Lint\Settings\Analysis\IncrediBuild).

  • Added "tuning" options relating to analysis (both IncrediBuild and local) to the "Diagnostic" options page.

  • Corrected a bug in the code used in the installer to detect whether a trial licence is available.

  • Revised copyright dates in the installer etc. to "2004-2010".

  • Added Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2 to the list of supported IDEs in the readme file packaged within the installer.

  • Added Windows 7 to the list of supported operating systems in the installer Readme text and Getting Stated Guide.

  • Various minor updates to the Getting Started Guide.

  • The Visual Lint installer now adds a shortcut to the Getting Started Guide to the Start Menu.

  • When an expired trial installation is uninstalled, an uninstallation feedback page is now displayed.

  • Trial started/ended and Uninstall feedback request pages are now opened with a query string giving details of the product/OS version etc.

  • Corrected a bug in the remove commands sequence during uninstallation.

  • Minor revisions to the stylesheets used to generate HTML reports.

  • Changes to the method used to generate file and project reports during Incredibuild analysis, for efficiency.

  • Added the name of the licenced user to the footer of generated reports.

Bug Fixes
  • Corrected a crash which could occur on IDE shutdown if reports had been generated during a session. The crash was caused by a COM threading model related bug in a third party component (TeeChart.ocx) [Visual Lint Enterprise Edition].

  • Fixed a potential crash when a project is unloaded.

  • When a project is added to or removed from the workspace in Visual C++ 6.0 or eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0, the displays and analysis queue are now updated correctly when the workspace file is saved.

  • If a single project is loaded without a solution under Visual Studio .NET 2002 or later, the active project configuration will now be loaded correctly.

  • The "Projects" droplist in the Analysis Status Display now correctly updates the icon of a project when its"Enable Background Analysis" property is toggled.

  • The Analysis Status Display is now correctly populated by the solution load task if an analysis tool has not yet been defined.

  • Analysis Status Display context menu commands which are not functional while a project is loading are now disabled if such a project is selected.

  • Corrected the visual display of the droplists in the Analysis Results and Analysis History displays (the text '--- All projects ---' was previously being cut into mid-way by the current analysis status of the project).

  • Visual Lint now uses a single COM container interface to support all IDEs. In consequence, when registered from the "Customize" dialog in Visual C++ 6.0 or eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0, the other COM interfaces within the add-in will no longer be listed in the dialog as possible add-ins (this is a workaround for a bug in legacy versions of Visual Studio) [VC6/eVC4].

  • The "Use IncrediBuild" command handler no longer unnecessarily checks whether xgconsole (the IncrediBuild XGE interfaces console interface) is available when switching to local analysis tasks.

  • Corrected a bug which affected the analysis of projects with names containing illegal filesystem characters.

  • Corrected a bug in the handling of user macros within Visual Studio property sheet (.vsprops) files [VS2002-VS2008].

  • Corrected a bug in the handling of solution files located by UNC paths.

  • Corrected a bug in the VS2010 integration which was preventing the Visual Lint toolbar from being displayed by default the first time the IDE is loaded after installation [VS2010].

  • Corrected a bug affecting the "one .vloptions file per project" option in the Advanced Solution Configuration Dialog [Visual Lint Enterprise Edition].

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