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ACCU 2011
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A selection of photos from ACCU 2011. First, the sponsors area as it was when we arrived:

ACCU 2011

Blackwells must have set up their stand the previous day. I don't blame them, with that volume of books!

ACCU 2011

Our stuff, waiting to be set up. The two machines on the right form our IncrediBuild grid analysis demonstrator, and we have a rolling presentation running on the laptop at the centre of the picture:

ACCU 2011

An hour and a half later (and half way through the opening keynote), it is finally starting to look ready:

ACCU 2011

As you might expect, Scott Meyers' session on r-value references and move semantics in C++ 11 was very well attended:

ACCU 2011

Some very useful information was presented in this session; as a C++ developer I certainly found it helpful in working out how the new C++ Standard is likely to affect us in the near future.

At lunchtime the (single threaded) queue for food in the reception area stretched way back out into the lobby, and it was so crowded we had to go around the outside of the building just to reach our stand. When we did get there, we were kept sufficiently busy that I didn't get around to taking any pictures. However, if you've been to a conference of this size before I'm sure you can picture the scene of a long queue of hungry developers.

Then the cakes arrived, courtesy of the Cupcake Baker in Abingdon...

ACCU 2011

These were one of Beth's ideas for the Sponsors' Reception on the Wednesday evening, and I have to say that this time she has quite surpassed herself.

John Lakos was up next on "Defensive Programming Done Right":

ACCU 2011

As usual John covered a huge amount of material at breakneck pace, but it was good stuff - as long as you weren't trying to transcribe it all in real time...

Bob Martin was scheduled to give the closing keynote on Wednesday, but unfortunately he had to pull out at short notice. Fortunately Michael Feathers was able to stand in with an impromtu session titled "On Our Ability To Do Much". I was flagging rather badly by this time so I must admit I took more note of the delivery and humour rather than the content!

ACCU 2011
ACCU 2011

After a 90 minute break we broke out the cakes during the Sponsor's Reception, and as by the end of the evening we only had about 3 left of the 60 we ordered I think we ordered about the right amount:

ACCU 2011

One interesting bit of feedback we had was that apparently some people thought they were some sort of participation prize, but we soon dispelled that by wandering around the room with a trayful of cakes each and offering them around.

Our thanks to The Cupcake Baker in Abingdon for stepping in at short notice to produce the cakes for us.

By the time we'd packed down the equipment on the stand it as getting late so we briefly adjourned to the bar to eat before retiring relatively early. As a postscript, from the reports we heard the following morning, leaving the bar early was definitely the right decision!

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ACCU 2011: Launch Curry
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Beth and I are now at the Barcelo Oxford hotel for this year's ACCU Conference.

Although the conference proper doesn't start until tomorrow morning, tonight saw the early arrivals gathering in the bar for the now-traditional group outing to Chutneys Indian Restaurant, during which the world was put to rights amid much gesticulation and hilarity. Rather than returning to the bar after returning from town we ducked out early to get some rest before the real fun starts tomorrow (we'll be setting up our stand immediately after breakfast).

Stay tuned, and we'll try to write about the proceedings as and when we can. If you do Twitter, follow the #accu2011 hashtag.

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Visual Lint has been released
Sunday, April 10, 2011

The following changes are included in this build:
  • Added basic support for the FindBugs Java analysis tool.

  • Fixed a bug in the registration of trial versions of the Eclipse plug-in.

  • The "Insert Directive" context menu command in the Analysis Results Display is now available for PC-lint analysis in Eclipse [Visual Lint Enterprise Edition].

  • When an "unused include file" issue (PC-lint message 766) is double clicked in the Analysis Results Display the code editor will now jump to the line containing the #include rather than the line reported in the issue (i.e. the end of the file).

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of the "Defined in std.lnt" PC-lint environment indirect file option.

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of precompiled header files located outside the project folder during PC-lint analysis.

  • Fixed a bug in the handling of PC-lint precompiled header object (.lph) files.

  • The preprocessor symbols _WIN32, _M_IX86 and (if analysing a C++ rather than C source file) __cplusplus are now injected onto the CppCheck command line when analysing Visual C++ projects.

  • Fixed a couple of minor issues in the parsing of CppCheck analysis results.

  • Removed the "(beta)" qualifier from the FxCop integration

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