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Visual Lint has been released
Monday, March 12, 2012

The following changes are included in this build:

  • Added the /noreport switch to VisualLintConsole to allow an analysis run to be performed without generating reports. This switch is designed to be used in conjunction with the existing /exportfile switch.
  • Added support for the MSBuild reserved property $(MSBuildThisFileDirectory) in the parsing of .vcxproj (Visual C++ 2010) and .cbproj (CodeGear C++) project files.
  • If the "Filter out duplicated issues" option on the "Display" Options page is enabled, any PC-lint "Location/Reference cited" issues (830/831) following a filtered out issue are now also filtered out.
  • Fixed a bug in the parsing of .vcxproj (Visual Studio 2010) and .cbproj (CodeGear C++) project files files containing user macros.
  • Fixed a bug in the detection of the active platform in Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.
  • Fixed a bug in the expansion of Eclipse build variables.
  • Fixed a bug in the parsing of Visual C++ ExcludedFromBuild properties [VS2002/2003/2005/2008/2010].
  • Fixed a formatting bug in the VisualLintConsole help text.
  • The "Track include file dependencies between C/C++ files" option now ignores system headers for efficiency reasons.
  • The Analysis Results and History Displays no longer create chart controls on startup; instead they are now created when first needed.
  • Revised the way that Visual Lint detects that the analysis of a codebase is complete to address an intermittent shutdown bug in VisualLintConsole.
  • Modified the "Automatically update reports" option for better compatibility with VisualLintConsole.
  • Tweaked the "<n> implementation files total...." status message slightly to make it clearer.
  • The Registration Key dialog now includes the product name on the caption bar of the window.
  • Added an FAQ section to the helpfile.

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