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PC-lint compiler options files for Visual Studio 2012
Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Since Visual Studio 2012 was released we have been using the compiler options files for Visual Studio 2010 (co-msc100.lnt and co-msc100.h) when analysing code for it as a set for VS2012 was not available.

For the most part that works fine, however it does mean that code which checks _MSC_VER etc. to invoke conditional behaviour may not analyse correctly in some cases.

We have now submitted dedicated PC-lint 9.0 compiler options files for Visual Studio 2012 (co-msc110.lnt and co-msc110.h) with the correct values for these symbols as given by the Visual Studio 2012 RTM. The co-msc110.lnt file also includes some suppression directives for Visual Studio 2012 unit tests.

In due course they will become available in new PC-lint 9.0 installations and via the PC-lint 9.0 patch page, however for the time being Gimpel have made them available from the PC-lint 9.0 beta page at

Incidentally the current PC-lint 9.0 beta version (9.00i2) looks like it contains some fairly significant changes to MISRA, PCH and function call side effect analysis - so that is a pretty good indication of what to expect in the next public version (PC-lint 9.00j).

Details of the changes in PC-lint 9.00i2 are available at

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Visual Lint has been released
Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The following changes are included in this build:

  • Added basic support for Visual Studio makefile projects. When loading such a project, the preprocessor definitions etc. for the project are read from the "Preprocessor Definitions", "Include Search Path" and "Forced Includes" properties of the enclosing .vcproj/.vcxproj file rather than from the makefile itself [VS2002-2012].
  • Added support for the Eclipse build variables ${parent-1-project_loc}, ${parent-2-project_loc} and ${parent-3-project_loc}.
  • Improved support for linked resources in Eclipse projects.
  • The Eclipse./CDT project (.cproject) file parser now correctly reads the name of the project from the corresponding .project file.

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