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Welcome to our developer's blog. We hope that this forum provides an insight into us, our products and how we develop them. Please feel free to write to us if you have anything to add to any of the posts here.

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Visual Lint 4.0 is coming...
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Fine tuning aside, development work on Visual Lint 4.0 is now effectively complete so a public build of the new version should be released early in the New Year.

Once released, Visual Lint 4.0 will supersede Visual Lint 3.5 as the latest public Visual Lint version. As a major update, existing per-user Visual Lint 3.x licences will need to be upgraded to work with this version (suitable upgrade licences will become available in our online store at the same time as the public version of the software, at the same cost as the existing v1.x/v2.x to v3.x upgrades). Floating and site licence customers (as well as priority support customers with qualifying active subscriptions) will receive new v4.x compatible licence keys around the same time.

However, the good news is that if you have purchased any full per-user Visual Lint licences since early October, these licences are already v4.x compatible so can start using the new version of the software as soon as it becomes available without any need to upgrade.

Full details of the changes in this version will be published soon, but for us the highlight is the arrival of VisualLintGui - a standalone interactive version of Visual Lint which makes possible the analysis of projects for development environments (e.g. CodeGear C++) for which a dedicated Visual Lint plug-in is not currently available:

We expect to add support for a number of embedded project types to VisualLintGui (and by inference VisualLintConsole/Visual Lint Build Server) within the coming months, so if there is a particular embedded environment whose projects you would like to be able to analyse in VisualLintGui and VisualLintConsole please let us know.

For new installations, Visual Lint 4.0 also includes a much improved Configuration Wizard which includes predefined PC-lint analysis configurations for most supported project types. Our Win32 suppression files (rb-win32-pclint8.lnt and rb-win32-pclint9.lnt) are also included in the installer.

Visual Lint 4.0 supports Visual Studio 2012 themes, so if you are using Visual Studio 2012 with the dark theme, Visual Lint 4.0 fits into the development environment far better than its predecessor. Similarly, if you are using an x64 version of Eclipse, Visual Lint 4.0 also includes an x64 version of the Visual Lint Eclipse plug-in.

We welcome any feedback you will be able to offer us on the new version once it has been released.

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Visual Lint has been released
Monday, December 17, 2012

The following changes are included in this build:

  • Fixed a bug in the Eclipse .cproject file reader which caused some projects to be read as having no source files.
  • Path delimiters are now normalised when reading solution and workspace files. This fixes a bug where an externally generated Visual Studio solution file failed to be read in the Visual Studio plug-in because the path delimiters it used did not match those reported by the Visual Studio COM interfaces.
  • Quotes are now stripped from preprocessor definitions before writing them to PC-lint project indirect (project.lnt) files.
  • Fixed a bug in the management of PC-lint precompiled header object (.lph) files.

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