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Welcome to our developer's blog. We hope that this forum provides an insight into us, our products and how we develop them. Please feel free to write to us if you have anything to add to any of the posts here.

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Visual Lint has been released
Monday, February 11, 2012

This is a maintenance update for Visual Lint 4.0. The following changes are included:

  • Modified the Visual Studio plug-in to guard against erroneously duplicated EnvDTE::SolutionEvents::Opened() events sourced by Visual Studio 2012. These caused an obscure race condition during the solution load process, which could obviously cause instability or unpredictable behaviour while Visual Studio was loading a solution.
  • The Eclipse plug-in now checks the open/closed status of each project when the workspace is loaded. Closed projects will be treated in the same way as unloaded projects in the Visual Studio plug-in - i.e. a message will be written to the Status View and the project will not be loaded. If a project is subsequently opened, it will be loaded at that point. Likewise, if a project is subsequently closed it will be unloaded by Visual Lint.
  • VisualLintConsole now validates configuration names before attempting to proceed with the analysis.
  • Fixed a bug in VisualLintConsole which could cause duplicated configurations to be listed when the /config? switch was used with an Eclipse workspace.
  • Fixed a bug in the implementation of the VisualLintConsole /includeproject, /includefile, /excludeproject and /excludefile switches.
  • Fixed a bug in the persistence of filename data to Analysis Configuration (.vloptions or .vlconfig) files.
  • Updated the "Upgrading from earlier versions of Visual Lint" topic in the helpfile.
  • Updated the documentation of the VisualLintConsole /includeproject, /includefile, /excludeproject and /excludefile switches in the helpfile.
  • Updated copyright notices in the helpfile and various installed files.

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Visual Lint has been released
Tuesday, February 5, 2012

This is a maintenance update which includes a change we committed to our Visual Lint 3.5 branch as part of a defect investigation for a customer shortly after the release of (the same fix was subsequently incorporated in Visual Lint

At the same time we are also fixing a bug in the installer update check which we have recently become aware of and which affects upgrades to Visual Lint 4.0. The following changes are included:

  • Fixed a bug which caused legacy Eclipse/CDT project (.cdtproject/.cdtbuild) project files to be loaded in place of newer .cproject files.
  • Fixed a bug in the installer update check which could allow an update to Visual Lint 4.0 to be installed without warning the user that an upgraded licence may be required.

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ACCU 2013 is rapidly approaching
Friday, February 1, 2013

ACCU 2013 is rapidly approaching, and with it developers, project managers etc. "in the know" are making arrangements to get to Bristol on 9th-13th April for what is arguably the most intensive developer conference in the UK. Are you among them?

This year's schedule (see below - click on the image to see the full schedule) really does speak for itself.

Keynote speakers this year are Eben Upton (Inspiring future generations with open hardware - the Raspberry Pi), Brian Marick (Cheating Decline: Acting now to let you program well for a really long time), Bjarne Stroustrup (C++ 11: The Future is Here) and the irrepressible Kevlin Henney (Worse Is Better, for Better or for Worse).

We hope to see you there. There will be beer - of that I am absolutely certain.

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