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Visual Lint 4.5 has been released
Saturday, January 18, 2014

Visual Lint 4.5 is the latest version of Visual Lint, superseding Visual Lint 4.0. As a minor update, it will also accept existing per-user Visual Lint 4.0 licences; Visual Lint 1.x, 2.x and 3.x licences must however be upgraded to work with this version.


Host Environments:
  • The Eclipse plug-in now shows the correct version in the "About Eclipse Platform Plug-ins" dialog within the IDE.
  • Renamed the Eclipse plug-in file (formerly com.riverblade.visuallint.jar) to differentiate between 32 bit (com.riverblade.visuallint.win32_x86.jar) and 64 bit (com.riverblade.visuallint.win32_x86_64.jar) builds.
  • Added support for Green Hills MULTI projects to VisualLintGui and VisualLintConsole.
  • Added support for the analysis of Analog Devices VisualDSP++ 4.0/5.0 projects to VisualLintGui and VisualLintConsole.
  • The Eclipse plug-in now writes status text to the Status Bar where appropriate.
  • When a project file within the solution/workspace source tree is changed externally, VisualLintGui will now prompt to reload it. If VisualLintGui is minimised it will flash its window on the taskbar and delay showing the prompt(s) until it is restored.
  • Accelerated the loading of Eclipse workspaces.
  • The readme and licence files within the installer now show the full build version (e.g. "") rather than just the major/minor version.
  • Tweaked the layout of PC-lint include folder (-i) and library folder (+libdir) directives within generated project indirect ("project.lnt") files for improved readability.
  • The Analysis Status Display "Delete Analysis Results" command no longer regenerates the analysis queue. As a result, any active analysis tasks not directly affected by the operation will no longer be interrupted.
  • The FxCop /gac ("Search Global Assembly Cache for missing references") option is now enabled on the FxCop command line by default. If required, it can be disabled from the new FxCop Configuration Dialog.
User Interface:
  • Added a "Show only issues with this ID" command to the Analysis Results Display context menu.
  • Added "Show all issues with this ID", "Hide all issues with this ID" and "Reset Display Filter" context menu commands to the Analysis Statistics Display context menu.
  • Duplicated analysis issues are now always filtered out. Removed the "Filter out duplicated issues" option on the Options Dialog Displays page in consequence.
  • Added optional "Rule" columns (shown or hidden via context menu commands in the two displays) to the Analysis Results and Statistics Displays for use with PC-lint MISRA analysis. Note that the contents of these columns will only be populated when the solution/workspace is reanalysed - thereafter the mapping between PC-lint message no. and MISRA rules will be cached in the registry.
  • When the Configuration Wizard is used to configure for PC-lint analysis, the new "Rule" columns in the Analysis Results and Statistics Displays are shown or hidden depending upon whether one of the MISRA indirect files (au-misra.lnt etc.) is referenced within the PC-lint analysis configuration.
  • Category issue assignments can now be changed while a solution/workspace is open.
  • Added an "Ignore issues in system header files" option to the CppCheck Analysis Configuration Dialog.
  • When the Eclipse plug-in is started it now correctly prompts to run the Configuration Wizard if necessary.
  • Double clicking on the name of an indirect file in the Configuration Wizard PC-lint library configuration or PC-lint author recommended checks pages now correctly selects or deselects it.
  • The "Find" control within the VisualLintGui "Find/Replace" dialog is now pre-filled with the selected text (or, if there is no selection, the word nearest the cursor) within the code editor.
  • Added an optional "Rule" column to file analysis reports for use with PC-lint MISRA analysis. Note that this column will only be shown if the solution/workspace is reanalysed if the MISRA "Rule" column is shown in the Analysis Results and Statistics Displays.
  • Added support for PC-lint MISRA rules to CSV and user defined exported data formats (the latter via the new $(Rule) variable).
Bug Fixes:
  • Reduced the memory usage of VisualLintConsole when the /exportformat switch is used to export large data sets.
  • Fixed a dialog parenting issue in the Eclipse plug-in.
  • The "Back" button in the Configuration Wizard "PC-lint Warning Level" page now correctly returns to the "PC-lint author recommended checks" page.
  • The variable $(SolutionExt) is now expanded while parsing Visual C# (.csproj) project files.

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