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Visual Lint 5.5 has been released
Friday, January 29, 2016

The first public build of Visual Lint 5.5 has just been uploaded to our website.

Visual Lint 5.5 is the second Visual Lint 5.x release, superseding Visual Lint 5.0. As a minor update, it will also accept existing per-user Visual Lint 5.0 licences; Visual Lint 1.x, 2.x, 3.x and 4.x per-user licences must however be upgraded to work with this version.

Full details of the changes in this version are as follows:


Host Environments:
  • The Visual Studio plug-in now implements the correct Code Editor and Solution Explorer context menu commands when hosted in Visual Studio 2015.
  • Added basic support for CodeGear C++ Builder XE4-XE8 and C++ Builder 10 Seattle.
  • If the Visual Studio plug-in is not loaded on startup by Visual Studio 2015 (which can happen if the IDE is started without any Visual Lint toolwindows open), all plug-in commands with the exception of "Help", "Options", "About" and "Product Enable" (the four rightmost buttons on the toolbar) will now be shown initially disabled. Activating the "Product Enable" command will force the plug-in to load in the background - and make the other toolbar buttons available as appropriate.
Analysis Tools:
  • Added an option to the "Analysis Tool" Options page to specify whether the 64 bit PC-lint executable (lint-nt64.exe, which is distributed on an as required basis by Gimpel) should be used in preference to the 32 bit version (lint-nt.exe) where possible.
  • Added preliminary support for the forthcoming PC-lint Plus (see the blogpost PC-lint Plus is coming - and with it, full support for C++ 11 and C++ 14). Like PC-lint 9.0, both 32 bit (pclp32.exe) and 64 bit (pclp64.exe) executables are supported. A draft message database is included, and will be updated as information becomes available.

  • The installer now autodetects (using the contents of eclipse.ini) whether the specified Eclipse installation is 32 or 64 bit, and automatically installs the correct Eclipse plug-in file (com.riverblade.visuallint.win32_x86.jar or com.riverblade.visuallint.win32_x86_64.jar).
  • If a newer Visual Lint build is available details will now be recorded in the Status View and corresponding logfiles.
  • Added comments to generated PC-lint project indirect project.lnt) files to identify when PC-lint 9.00L or earlier is being used to analyse a project with system includes for Visual Studio 2013 or later.
  • Added comments to delimit the various sections (Preprocessor Symbols, System Includes etc.) within generated PC-lint project indirect (project.lnt) files.
  • When a file which is not part of a loaded project is manually analysed Visual Lint will now attempt to determine which (if any) of those projects it is located closest to, and will use those project settings while analysing it if appropriate.
User Interface:
  • Added freeform text filtering capabilities to the Analysis Status, Analysis Results, Stack Usage and Analysis Statistics Displays.
  • The issue ID charts within the Analysis Results Display, reports etc. now aggregate any issues which can not be displayed in the legend (due to limited space) into a single "Others" series.
  • Added the suffix "(trial)" to the version string used in the VisualLintGui titlebar, generated file banners etc. where appropriate.
  • Clipboard commands now copy data to the clipboard using the CF_UNICODETEXT format rather than CF_TEXT.
  • Added an "Updates" page to the Options Dialog. In consequence, Visual Lint will by default now periodically check for updates when it is started, and the "I would like to schedule a task to check for updates" option and "Help | Configure Update Check Schedule" command have been removed from the installer and VisualLintGui respectively.
  • Improved the dialog displayed by the "Check for Updates" command on the VisualLintGui "Help" menu if an update is available.
  • Tweaked the position of the Visual Studio plug-in "Background Analysis", "Analysis Configuration" and "Delete Analysis Results" commands within the Solution Explorer context menu in Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.
Bug Fixes:
  • Added support for pathnames longer than MAX_PATH characters.
  • Fixed an installer bug relating to the registration of the Visual Studio plug-in with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003.
  • The VisualLintGui code editor "Open Referenced File" command now attempts to resolve per-file additional include folder settings when opening referenced C/C++ #include files.
  • Fixed a bug in the VisualLintGui code editor which caused blank lines to be wrongly stripped when loading a file which uses LF (rather than CR+LF) line terminators.
  • The Configuration Wizard PC-lint Configuration File Page now chooses an appropriate default std.lnt filename if necessary when it becomes active.
  • Updated the URL for the Vera++ C++ analysis tool.
  • The "Use VS2012/VS2010 system headers for compatibility with PC-lint 9.00L or earlier" option now checks that the substituted system include folders exist rather than just checking that the corresponding development environment is installed.
  • Added support for Visual C++ 2010-2015 (.vcxproj) projects with project configurations defined within property (.props) files rather than in the enclosing .vcxproj file. This is most likely to be encountered within handwritten .vcxproj files.
  • Added support for the MSBuild function GetDirectoryNameOfFileAbove().
  • Added support for the use of the MSBuild variable $(MSBuildThisDirectory) in logic conditions.
  • Corrected the background colour of the "Message" combobox in the Message Lookup Display.
  • The Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins will now only prompt to configure Visual Lint if the plug-in is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug in the Visual Studio plug-in which could cause Visual Studio 2015 to crash when the IDE is started by double clicking on a solution file.

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