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PC-lint Plus Beta 1
Monday, February 1, 2016

PC-lint Plus Beta 1 has now landed, so not surprisingly we've been testing it with Visual Lint 5.5.

If you have a PC-lint Plus Beta installation, both Visual Lint 5.5 (and, for that matter) can use the 32 bit PC-lint Plus executable (pclp32.exe). If you wish to try out the 64 bit PC-lint Plus executable (pclp64.exe), you will need Visual Lint 5.5.

Internally, Visual Lint 5.5 considers PC-lint Plus to be a variant of PC-lint - it isn't configured as a separate analysis tool. Hence if you point the PC-lint configuration of Visual Lint at a PC-lint Plus installation folder should will just pick it up. Note however that you should install the beta executables to their own folder rather than placing them in the same folder as the PC-lint 9.0 executables, as otherwise visual Lint will favour the production version (PC-lint 9.0) instead.

One surprise since the Alpha builds is that Beta 1 flags any use of +ffb or -ffb (the for-loop scoping flag directive) with an error. As we use this in generated project indirect (project.lnt) files this causes analysis errors.

We have reported this to Gimpel already, so we'd hope that Beta 2 will enable support for +/-ffb and that these errors will therefore disappear.

In the meantime, if you are using Beta 1 the obvious workaround is to either temporarily filter out the error 15 using a display filter or disable the error in your analysis configuration. Alternatively you can hand-edit the generated project.lnt files and mark them as read-only to prevent Visual Lint from overwriting them.

Note that if any of your projects use non-compliant for-loop scoping (-ffb) you may see other analysis errors until -ffb is implemented by PC-lint Plus even with these workarounds.

Finally, if you are a registered PC-lint/FlexeLint user and would like to beta test PC-lint Plus, please email your contact information and product serial number to to request a beta invitation.

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