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Visual Lint has been released
Friday, August 5, 2016

Visual Lint is now available. This is a recommended maintenance update for Visual Lint 5.0 and 5.5, and includes the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug reading "Excluded from build" properties in projects containing more than one file with the same filename (but located in different paths).
  • Corrected the system include folders returned by the IAR project (.ewp) file parser.
  • Fixed a bug in the parsing of Visual C++ 2015 makefile projects which caused a forced include containing the unexpanded variable $(NMakeForcedIncludes) to be incorrectly identified.
  • VisualLintConsole now writes details of the active command line parameters to its logfile (and optionally the console if the /verbose switch is active).
  • Added an "Enabled Checks" control to the CppCheck Analysis Configuration Dialog to allow the value of the --enable option to be controlled. The default value is "all".
  • Fixed a bug which could cause PC-lint indirect ("project.lnt") files to be generated before the build settings of the corresponding project were fully loaded.
  • Added support for PC-lint Plus precompiled header analysis.
  • The "Insert Directive" command on the Analysis Results Display context menu is now disabled if the selected issue is a PC-lint Plus issue with location given as "<command line>", "<scratch space>" etc.
  • Updated the Configuration Wizard to recognise PC-lint Plus specific compiler indirect files (co-vs2013.lnt and co-vs2015.lnt).
  • The Configuration Wizard "PC-lint Library Configuration" and "PC-lint Author Recommendations" pages now filter out indirect files which are not available within the current PC-lint installation.
  • Modified the Configuration Wizard and Active Analysis Tool Dialog to clarify that both PC-lint and PC-lint Plus are supported.
  • Generated PC-lint Plus command lines now reference the correct indirect files folder (as opposed to the PC-lint 9.0 one) within the Visual Lint installation.
  • Modified various user interface elements for compatibility with high DPI displays, including buttons, fonts and context menus used in the displays, as well as VisualLintGui specific command bars, context menus and displays.
  • Although the changes made primarily affect VisualLintGui, the changes to the core displays also affect the Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins. Note that although Visual Studio tries to do the right thing, Eclipse does not yet offer high DPI support for plug-ins so in that environment the Visual Lint toolbar and main menu icons will still appear smaller than they should.
  • If attempting to restore the window layout in VisualLintGui causes problems (e.g. as a result of the DPI changing), the exception will now be caught and the default layout restored. This change is precautionary.

Download Visual Lint

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