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Visual Lint has been released
Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Visual Lint is now available. This is a recommended maintenance update for Visual Lint 6.0, and includes the following changes:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ Express Edition 2010/2012 system headers can now be used as a source of system headers for PC-lint 8.0/9.0 analysis of VS2013/15/17 projects.
  • Fixed a potential crash in VisualLintGui if a corrupt window layout is restored on startup.
  • Fixed a bug in the parsing of Visual C++ 2010-2017 project (.vcxproj) files in which the configurations are defined in an external property (.props) file located via a user macro.
  • Fixed a bug in the parsing of Green Hills projects which affected whether some subprojects were read correctly.
  • Various changes to the installer:
    1. The installer now prompts for affected applications (Visual Studio, Atmel Studio, AVR Studio, Eclipse, VisualLintConsole and VisualLintGui) to be closed before installation can proceed.
    2. The installer now installs VSIX extensions to Visual Studio 2017 and Atmel [AVR] Studio silently.
    3. Revised the order of registration of the Visual Studio plug-in with each version of Visual Studio so that the newest versions are now registered first.
    4. Uninstallation no longer incorrectly runs "Configuring Visual Studio..." steps if the VS plug-in is not selected for installation.
    5. The "Installing Visual Lint" progress bar is now updated while Visual Studio, Atmel Studio and Eclipse installations are being registered.
    6. Improved the logging of VSIX extension installation/uninstallation.

Download Visual Lint

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