Riverblade - PC-lint Online Demonstrator

PC-lint Online Demonstrator

PC-lint Workstation has now been superseded by PC-lint Plus, and new PC-lint Workstation licences are no longer available. Please see PC-lint Plus for PC-lint/FlexeLint users for details.


If you do not yet have PC-lint but would like to try it, Gimpel have an online demonstrator which you can use to familiarise yourself with its capabilities. You can either type/paste in your own code, or run the provided samples.

For convenience the PC-lint/Flexelint online demonstrator is embedded below. If your browser does not show it correctly, you can find it at http://www.gimpel-online.com/OnlineTesting.html.

Tip: After running any of the samples, refresh the page to return to the first page of the demonstrator.