Build configurations and platforms

Each build configuration may generate a distinct set of analysis results. Hence, it is important to distinguish between analysis results for (for example) a debug and release configuration of the same project.

When Visual Lint loads a solution, workspace or project it will parse them to determine the appropriate analysis configuration to use. In the case of C/C++ projects this includes the include folder and preprocessor definitions for each project, together with any environment or compiler dependent settings.

Depending upon the nature of the active analysis tool, this data will be used to configure it appropriately. For example:

It follows that Visual Lint stores analysis results on a per-configuration basis, identified from the active configuration of the solution/workspace. In the Visual Studio environment this is the active solution configuration; in Eclipse it is that of the active project.

When the active configuration is changed, Visual Lint will load any available cached analysis results for the newly activated configuration. Any analysis performed from that point onwards will then of course be saved to that analysis results set.


* If required, generated PC-lint project indirect files can be post-processed (after generation, but before use in analysis) via an external command line tool - see the Analysis Configuration Dialog Advanced page for details.

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