Warning Level page

This Configuration Wizard page is used to determine the base warning level which should be used within the PC-lint analysis configuration:

PC-lint supports warning levels 0 through 4, defined as follows:

Once a warning level is set, it may be added to or subtracted from by subsequent directives within options.lnt. Hence, if -w0 is in force, including +e1401 in options.lnt will configure PC-lint to report only occurances of issue 1401, for example.

Once a particular warning level is in force, setting it to the same value will not affect the issues reported. Hence, selecting -w3 will allow any Elective Note issues configured via author options files such as au-sm123.lnt (which will be defined in std.lnt before the base warning level directive) to remain enabled. To force -w3 to be reapplied, it is necessary to set another warning level first (e.g. -w1 -w3).

As a result, the combination of -w3 and one or more appropriate author recommendations indirect files is in practice the most aggressive policy you will need. By contrast, -w4 is not particularly useful as it turns on everything including all MISRA rules, irrespective of context.

Within Visual Lint, -w4 is not offered due to the limitations described above and the "Very Aggressive" option maps to the default -w3 policy. The levels offered by the Configuration Wizard are as follows:



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