Before starting to use Visual Lint it is necessary to configure it (and any analysis tools you intend to use) appropriately for each installed development environment.

The simplest way to configure these files initially is to use the Configuration Wizard included within Visual Lint. This will run automatically within each supported development environment after Visual Lint is first installed, and can also be invoked from the corresponding command on the Visual Lint toolbar:

When the Wizard is invoked, you will be asked to select the analysis tools you wish to configure; the pages which follow will depend upon the choices you select.

For more information, please see the following topics:

Configuring for PC-lint analysis (C/C++)

Configuring for CppCheck analysis (C++)

Configuring for (Google C++ Style Checker) analysis

Configuring for FxCop analysis (C#)

Configuring for FindBugs analysis (Java)

Configuring for Vera++ analysis (C++)

Once the Configuration Wizard has been run for a specific analysis tool, that tool can be used with Visual Lint. You can of course run the Configuration Wizard again at any time to configure further analysis tools.

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