Entering a registration key

When you purchase a Visual Lint licence, you will receive an email including the licence key.

Each licence key is in two parts:

  1. A registered user name (which will usually be suffixed with the number of licences)
  2. The licence key itself.

For example:

Company Name, Inc. (15 user licence)


To activate a licence, both fields must be entered exactly as sent (i.e. including any suffix showing the number of licences) into the Registration Dialog (available via the Registration Options Page):

If the key you are entering is an upgrade key, you will also need to enter the original key it is upgrading. In such cases, after you enter the upgrade key you will be prompted to enter the previous key (or keys, if the previous key is also an upgrade key).

If you have purchased an upgrade licence which requires you to enter more than one previous key to activate it, please contact us and we will be happy to send you a full key to replace it.

If you experience any difficulties or need assistance with a particular licence key (e.g. determining which version of Visual Lint it is for) please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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