Excluding specific files and projects from analysis

In a large codebase it is unlikely that you will want to analyse every file or project. Although auto-generated files are obvious candidates for exclusion from background analysis, there may be others you might want to exclude for some reason.

Visual Lint makes this process straightforward by including a checkbox (and a corresponding "Enable Background Analysis" context menu command) in the Analysis Status Display to allow you to quickly select whether a project or file should be included in or excluded from background analysis:

Excluding projects and files from background analysis

The settings are saved in a .vlconfig or .vloptions file stored alongside the solution file. This is an XML formatted configuration file which can be checked into source code control if the settings are to be shared among other team members or the build server.

The capability to exclude projects and files from background analysis is available in Visual Lint Professional and Enterprise Editions. Visual Lint Standard Edition does not have this capability - In this edition, all projects and files are analysed.

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