How do I install the Visual Lint plug-in to multiple installations of Eclipse on the same computer?

The interface between Visual Lint and the Eclipse environment is a plug-in file (com.riverblade.visuallint.win32_x86.jar for 32 bit versions of Eclipse, and com.riverblade.visuallint.win32_x86_64.jar for 64 bit) which needs to be deployed to the plugins folder in an Eclipse installation in order for Eclipse to register the plug-in.

The Visual Lint installer can do this automatically for a single Eclipse installation, but if you need to use Visual Lint with more than one Eclipse installation you will need to manually copy this plug-in file to the appropriate folder within each. To make this process simpler, a copy of this file is installed to the Visual Lint installation folder if you select the Eclipse plug-in for installation.

Two versions of the plug-in are provided - one for 32 bit x86 installations, and one for x64. On 64 bit operating systems copies of both are located within the Bin folder in the Visual Lint installation folder; on 32 bit operating systems only the 32 bit version is installed.

Once you have copied the appropriate version of the plug-in file to the Eclipse installation, be sure to run Eclipse with the -clean parameter to ensure that it takes the changes into account.

If you manually configure an Eclipse installation, remember that if a new version of Visual Lint is installed subsequently you will also need to manually update the com.riverblade.visuallint*.jar files in any secondary installations to the new version.

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