How do I perform a silent installation of Visual Lint?

Visual Lint uses an MSI based installer which fully supports silent installations. To perform silent installations a command line such as the following can be used:

start /wait VisualLintSetup /s LICENCE_USER=<licenced user> LICENCE_KEY=<licence key> /l=<logfile pathname>
start /wait VisualLintSetup /s LICENCE_FILE=<licence file pathname> /l=<logfile pathname>

If used, licence and log files must be specified as fully qualified absolute pathnames.

The LICENCE_FILE, LICENCE_USER and LICENCE_KEY parameters are optional, and can be used if you need to install a licence key at the same time as the installation.

LICENCE_FILE should be used in preference to LICENCE_USER and LICENCE_KEY if the key you are entering contains non-ANSI characters in the user field. The argument to this parameter is the pathname of a two line Unicode (UTF16 little endian) or ANSI text file containing the licence user and key fields only on two consecutive lines.

To uninstall Visual Lint from the command line you can use:

start /wait VisualLintSetup /s MODIFY=FALSE REMOVE=TRUE UNINSTALL=YES /l=<logfile pathname>

If you require a customised installation (for example to specify the installation folder or a group policy compatible installer) please contact us.

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