How do I configure Visual Lint to run a command line analysis using an account such as LocalSystem on our Build/Continuous Integration Server?

Visual Lint stores its user options in the current user hive in the registry, so its configuration is user account specific.

In most cases this is not much of a limitation, however if you are using VisualLintConsole to run command line analysis using an account such as LocalSystem (NT AUTHORITY\System), VisualLintConsole may not be able to access the user configuration it needs directly.

The simplest way to configure VisualLintConsole in such cases is to use a command prompt to configure Visual Lint locally, then export the configuration to a file and re-import it under the user account in question.

VisualLintConsole provides two command line switches to do this: /exportoptions and /importoptions. If you run /exportoptions from a command prompt once VisualLintConsole has been configured in the way you need, you can then use /importoptions on the analysis user account to import this user configuration prior to running the analysis. The user configuration is imported before doing anything else, so you can safely use this on the main analysis command line every time once you have a suitable set of user options prepared.

The import/export file is a simple registry dump, so is text based and can be checked into source control if necessary.

Please see Command Line Options for more details on the VisualLintConsole command line.


Please contact us if you need assistance in integrating VisualLintConsole with a particular build or continuous integration server environment.

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