Analysing a file manually

Once Visual Lint has been configured for use with a specific analysis tool, a simple and effective way to test its operation is to analyse an implementation file manually. To do this, simply open a source file supported by your analysis tool (e.g. a C/C++ implementation file for PC-lint or a Java source file for FindBugs), and press the Perform Analysis button on the toolbar.

A progress dialog will then appear while the analysis takes place:

After a short delay (depending on how long the analysis tool takes to analyse the file) the results of the analysis will be displayed in the Analysis Results Display.

If the analysis results are free of fatal errors this generally indicates that your analysis configuration is OK.

If fatal errors are shown, we recommend that you attempt to correct your analysis configuration and re-analyse the file to confirm that the error has been cleared.

If you have difficulty doing so or would like guidance in developing an analysis configuration suitable for your needs please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

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