Menus and commands




Perform Manual Analysis Performs a manual analysis of the active source file using the active analysis tool (N.B. not currently available with FxCop)
Stop Stops background analysis
Pause Pauses background analysis. When paused, analysis will resume when the IDE next enters design mode.
Run Starts background analysis.
Delete Analysis Results Deletes all analyis results currently cached, returning the solution/workspace to a "Not Analysed" status.
Toggle IncrediBuild Analysis Toggles between local and IncredBuild analysis. Available in Visual Lint Enterprise Edition with the IncrediBuild XGE Interfaces Extension Package.
View Analysis Status Display Opens the Analysis Status Display.
View Analysis Results Display Opens the Analysis Results Display.
View Analysis Statistics Display Opens the Analysis Statistics Display. Available in Visual Lint Professional and Enterprise Editions.
View Analysis History Display Opens the Analysis History Display. Available in Visual Lint Enterprise Edition.
View Message Lookup Display Opens the Message Lookup Display.
View Report Generates and displays an HTML analysis report for the current solution/workspace.
Edit Display Filter Opens the Display Filter Dialog. Available in Visual Lint Enterprise Edition.
View Analysis Tool Manual Opens the manual or helpfile for the active analysis tool. Where possible, it will be shown in a browser window within the development environment.
Configuration Wizard Opens the Configuration Wizard
Set Active Analysis Tool Opens the Active Analysis Tool Dialog to allow the active analysis tool to be changed. Note: if the analysis tool for the current solution has been overridden via the Solution/Project Configuration Dialog, this command will not be available and it should be changed there instead.
Edit Analysis Tool Configuration Edits the configuration of the active analysis tool. With PC-lint, this opens the main PC-lint configuration file (conventionally std.lnt) for editing; with CppCheck the CppCheck CppCheck Analysis Configuration Dialog is displayed.
Edit Analysis Tool Warning Policy Edits the warning policy of the active analysis tool. Currently available for PC-lint only, in which case it opens the PC-lint warning policy file (conventionally options.lnt) for editing.
Solution/Project Analysis Configuration Opens the Solution/Project Analysis Configuration Dialog to allow solution and/or project specific analysis configurations to be defined. Available in Visual Lint Professional and Enterprise Editions.
Help Opens the Visual Lint Getting Started Guide
Options Opens the Options Dialog
About... Displays copyright and version information.
Product Enable Enable/disable the Visual Lint plug-in. When disabled, Visual Lint will remain inactive until re-enabled.

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