The text below is an example of the contents of a simple organisation defined PC-lint options.lnt warning policy file:

// General warning policy - DO NOT MODIFY without prior authorisation from the Project Authority

-e19    // (Error -- Useless Declaration)
-e27    // Avoids "Illegal character" errors on .tlh and .tli files generated by VS2005
-e322   // (Error -- Unable to open include file)
-e537   // (Warning -- Repeated include file)
-e655   // (Warning -- bit-wise operation uses (compatible) enum's)
-e665   // (Warning -- Unparenthesized parameter in macro is passed an expression)
-e730   // (Info -- Boolean argument to function)
-e783   // (Info -- Line does not end with new-line)
-e840   // (Information -- Use of nul character in a string literal)
-e944   // (Note -- Left / Right argument for operator always evaluates to False)
-e1550  // (Warning -- exception thrown by function is not on throw-list of function)
-e1727  // (Information -- inline not previously defined inline)
-e1774  // (Info -- Could use dynamic_cast to downcast ptr to polymorphic type)
-e1904  // (Note -- Old-style C comment -- Effective C++ #4)

This particular example is based on our own warning policy, and is used in conjunction with a std.lnt indirect file very similar to that given within in the previous topic.

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