The text below is an example of the contents of a PC-lint std.lnt configuration file for Visual Studio 2012:

//  PC-lint analysis configuration for Visual Studio 2012

// Author recommended checks

au-sm123.lnt     // Scott Meyers Effective C++ (1st, 2nd and 3rd Edition).
au-misra-cpp.lnt // MISRA C++ coding standard.

// Compiler configuration
co-msc110.lnt    // Compiler options for Visual Studio 2012

// Library configuration
lib-mfc.lnt      // MFC framework options
lib-stl.lnt      // STL framework options
lib-w32.lnt      // Win32 API options
lib-wnt.lnt      // Windows NT options
lib-atl.lnt      // ATL framework options

lib-rb-win32.lnt // Additional library issue suppressions by Riverblade (installed with Visual Lint)

// Warning level (0 through 4)
-w3              // If this is too loud for you, use a lower value such as -w1 (errors only) or -w2 (errors and warnings only)

options.lnt      // Organisational warning policy

// Use two analysis passes for more detailed inter-function variable tracking

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