PC-lint indirect files

PC-lint indirect (.lnt) files are text files which contain directives to configure PC-lint for a given environment, library, or warning policy. The most visible of these are the std.lnt and options.lnt files which define the PC-lint analysis configuration and warning policy, and which can be generated via the Visual Lint Configuration Wizard or directly edited via dedicated Visual Lint commands.

For each project loaded, Visual Lint also generates a project indirect ("project.lnt") file which contains PC-lint preprocessor, include folder directives etc. specific to that project.

Examples of the contents of these files are available in the following topics:

The std.lnt indirect file will normally reference a number of other indirect files - for example co-msc110.lnt for the Visual Studio 2012 compiler configuration or au-sm123.lnt for the Scott Meyers Effective C++ recommendations. It can also contain other PC-lint directives, such as -w2 to set the warning level.

To make things straightforward, the Visual Lint installer includes a subset of the indirect files from the PC-lint 8.0 and 9.0 distributions, as well as several indirect files (e.g. the lib-rb-win32.lnt library suppressions indirect file) authored by Riverblade. These are by default installed into the following folders:

When it generates a PC-lint command line, Visual Lint includes -i (include folder) directives for the PC-lint installation folder, the lnt folder within it (which contains indirect files distributed with PC-lint) and the appropriate folder within the Visual Lint installation.

In this way, the Visual Lint Configuration Wizard can provide "out of the box" configurations without the need to download additional indirect files from the corresponding PC-lint patch page.

The ordering of -i directives used ensures that indirect files located within the PC-lint installation folder (or its lnt subfolder) will override those supplied with Visual Lint.

Indirect files from the PC-lint distribution are included in the Visual Lint installation by kind permission of Gimpel Software.

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