Analysis tools

Visual Lint currently supports the following analysis tools:

Analysis Tool Language Licence


Gimpel PC-lint C/C++ Commercial

7.5, 8.0 or 9.0

CppCheck C++ Open Source

1.43 or later

Vera++ C++ Open Source

1.1.1 or later

Google C++ Open Source

(requires Python 2.x)

Microsoft FxCop
C# Freeware

1.35 or later

Java Open Source

1.39 or later


For licencing reasons the tools listed above are not included in the Visual Lint download - however many of the above are open source and can be freely downloaded. Adding support for additional tools is relatively straightforward, so if there is a particular analysis tool you would like to use with Visual Lint please contact us.

In addition to the above, support for the Tiobe TICS analysis framework is available via Visual TICS - a custom version of Visual Lint produced in conjunction with Tiobe Software. Please contact us for details.

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