Using Visual Lint with PC-lint (C/C++)

PC-lint is a powerful but complex commercial C/C++ analysis tool. Please refer to the following topics for PC-lint specific configuration and usage issues:

Configuring Visual Lint for PC-lint analysis

PC-lint indirect files

PC-lint issues and categories

Looking up the meaning of a PC-lint issue

Tuning out PC-lint issues in libraries

PC-lint whole project analysis

Common PC-lint analysis failures

Example PC-lint indirect files:




Please see also the following general topics:

Viewing analysis tool specific documentation


Although Gimpel (the PC-lint vendor) do not offer trial versions of PC-lint, they have a fully functional demonstrator on their website at

If you do not yet have PC-lint but would like to try it out, the online demonstrator provides you with a straightforward way to do so.

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