Viewing analysis results

The analysis results for individual files can be viewed in the Analysis Results Display, which allows the analysis results to be sorted and filtered as required:

The raw analysis results generated by the active analysis tool can also be viewed within this display or (in most supported development environments) optionally within a dedicated pane in the Output Window or Console.

Because of the overhead this can entail, echoing of raw analysis results to the Output Window is optional behaviour and must be enabled if desired. See the Display Options Page for details.

As you would expect, double clicking on an issue within the Analysis Results Display will open the corresponding file in the editor (and for PC-lint issues it will also show a definition of the message in the Message Lookup Display).

Unlike conventional methods normally used to integrate code analysis tools within the development environment, Visual Lint does not discard the analysis results once the window containing the results is cleared or used for another purpose. Instead, the analysis results are cached by Visual Lint so that it can make them available the next time the file is opened. If the active implementation file is being analysed, these displays will be dynamically updated as the analysis progresses.

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