Viewing the analysis status of a codebase

Once an analysis profile has been built up for a given codebase, Visual Lint will use it to make the analysis results for each implementation file available (via the Analysis Results Display and optionally the Output Window where supported) when a file is opened or activated in the code editor.

If a source file is saved, a new analysis task will automatically be generated to update the analysis results for the file.

The analyis status of the solution as a whole can be monitored via the Analysis Status Display:

This display shows a summary of the analysis status of each project and implementation file within the solution, together with categorised breakdown of the issues found within each.

Double-clicking on any item within the display will open it, whilst right clicking will display a context menu containing additional commands.

The icons and colour coding used within this display indicate the highest severity issues found in each project or implementation file. Hence, if a file contains warnings, the corresponding item in the Analysis Status Display will indicate this by a yellow warning triangle unless higher severity issues (e.g errors or fatal errors) are present.

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