General Information
Introducing Visual Lint
Key benefits and features
Application and system requirements
Development environments
Operating systems
Analysis tools
What's New?
What's New in Visual Lint 6.0?
Upgrading from earlier versions of Visual Lint
Previous versions
Product editions
Pricing and ordering information
Licence types
Contact information
Getting Started
Running Visual Lint
Within Visual Studio and Atmel Studio (Visual Studio plug-in)
Within Eclipse and derivatives (Eclipse plug-in)
In the standalone Visual Lint application (VisualLintGui)
On the command line (VisualLintConsole)
Analysing a file manually
Viewing analysis results
Entering a registration key
Using Visual Lint
Automated background analysis
Viewing analysis tool specific documentation
Build configurations and platforms
Viewing the analysis status of a codebase
Viewing analysis command lines
Excluding specific files and projects from analysis
Defining project specific analysis configurations
Generating and viewing reports
Defining a warning policy
Analysis speed
Accelerating analysis using IncrediBuild
Analysing from the command line
Using Visual Lint with specific analysis tools
Using Visual Lint with PC-lint and PC-lint Plus (C/C++)
Using Visual Lint with CppCheck (C++)
Using Visual Lint with the Google C++ Style Checker (
Using Visual Lint with FindBugs (Java)
Using Visual Lint with FxCop (C#)
Using Visual Lint with Vera++ (C++)
Which programming languages does Visual Lint support?
Which code analysis tools does Visual Lint support?
Which platforms does Visual Lint support?
Which versions of Visual Studio and Visual C++ is Visual Lint compatible with?
Which editions of Visual Studio and Visual C++ is Visual Lint compatible with?
Which versions of Eclipse is Visual Lint compatible with?
Does the Visual Lint installer include a trial version of PC-lint?
How closely integrated into the development environment is Visual Lint?
How do I perform a silent installation of Visual Lint?
How do I install the Visual Lint plug-in to multiple installations of Eclipse on the same computer?
How do I register the Visual Lint plug-in with AVR Studio 5 or Atmel Studio 6?
Can Visual Lint be run from the command line (e.g. as part of an overnight build process)?
Can Visual Lint handle project files which use compiler build variables?
Can I pass my own parameters to the code analysis tool?
How do I configure Visual Lint to run a command line analysis using an account such as LocalSystem on our Build/Continuous Integration Server?
I am getting PC-lint analysis errors in system header files. What could be wrong?
How do I change the font used in the Message Lookup Display?
Reference Guide
Menus and commands
Command line options
Projects Display (VisualLintGui)
Analysis Status Display
Analysis Results Display
Analysis Statistics Display
Analysis History Display
Stack Usage Display
Message Lookup Display
Text Views
Dialogs and other windows
Active Analysis Tool Dialog
Advanced Analysis Options Dialog
Analysis Trends Dialog
Category Properties Dialog
Configuration Wizard
CppCheck Analysis Configuration Dialog
Display Filter Dialog
Export Analysis Results Dialog
Find/Replace Dialog (VisualLintGui)
Find In Files Dialog (VisualLintGui)
FxCop Analysis Configuration Dialog
Makefile Properties Dialog
Manual Analysis Dialog
Options Dialog
Project Properties Dialog
Property List Dialog
Project Variables Dialog
Registration Key Dialog
Send Feedback Dialog
Solution/Project Analysis Configuration Dialog
File formats
Custom project file (.vlproj) format