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Visual Lint has been released
Thursday, March 2, 2017

Visual Lint is now available. This is a recommended maintenance update for Visual Lint 6.0, and includes the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug which could potentially prevent Visual Studio 2013/2015 projects from being analysed with PC-lint 8.0/9.0 using compatible system headers from earlier versions of Visual Studio.
  • Fixed a bug which caused saved display filter settings to be lost when the product edition was set to one which does not support the global display filter. This ensures that the previous filter settings will be preserved if the display filter subsequently becomes available once again.
  • Fixed a minor resizing bug in the "Send Feedback" Dialog.
  • The "View Analysis Results" context menu command in the Analysis Status Display now correctly echoes the raw analysis results to the Output Window (Visual Studio) or Console (Eclipse) if the "Echo raw analysis results to the Output/Console Window" option is active.
  • The "Echo raw analysis results to the Output/Console Window" option in the "Display" Options page is now disabled in hosts which do not support it. In Visual Studio, turning on the option also no longer requires Visual Studio to be restarted to apply changes.
  • CppCheck analysis issues of the form "cppcheck: error: unrecognized command line option: "-foo"." are now correctly recognised as Fatal Errors.
  • Added the "Send Feedback" command to the main toolbar in VisualLintGui and the Visual Studio and Eclipse plug-ins.
  • When the analysis tool installation folder is changed in the "Analysis Tool" Options page or "Select Analysis Tool Installation Folder" Configuration Wizard page, the paths of the associated PC-lint indirect and help files will now be updated automatically where possible.
  • Converted the "Raw issue ID filter" control in the Global Display Filter Dialog to a combo box.
  • The initial folder paths in various file/folder dialogs are now set correctly.
  • If the Visual Studio plug-in has been installed into Visual Studio 2017, installing a newer version will now first attempt to remove the previous version of the extension prior to installing the new version.
  • The installer now copies the PC-lint Plus indirect file rb-win32-pclint10.lnt to the correct location.
  • Added additional suppression directives to some of the Riverblade authored PC-lint Plus indirect files.
  • Minor corrections to the comments within some of the Riverblade authored PC-lint Plus indirect files.
  • Added a help topic for the "Send Feedback" Dialog.

Download Visual Lint

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