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Visual Lint has been released
Thursday, December 7, 2017

Visual Lint is now available. This is a recommended maintenance update for Visual Lint 6.0, and includes the following changes:

  • Fixed a bug in the "Analysis Tool" Options page which affected whether the "Use VS2012/VS2010 system headers for compatibility with PC-lint 9.00L or earlier" option was shown.
  • Fixed a bug in the installer which could cause a malformed VsixInstaller command line to be executed when attempting to install the Visual Studio plug-in Visual Studio 2017 and Atmel Studio.
  • Fixed a bug in the Visual Studio 2017 plug-in (VisualLintPlugIn_vs2017.vsix) which could cause it to fail to install with a manifest.json error.
  • Fixed an intermittent crash when shutting down background analysis, reporting or control threads.
  • Projects are now loaded at the same thread priority as the task loading the parent solution. This should make the UI more responsive during the loading of large solutions.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing solution load tasks from being aborted as quickly as they could be (e.g. when the active configuration is changed).
  • Added additional PC-lint/PC-lint Plus suppression directives to the indirect file lib-rb-win32.lnt supplied within the installer.
  • The RB_PLATFORM environment variable (which allows compiler indirect files to conditionally configure for specific platforms) is now defined within generated PC-lint and PC-lint Plus command lines for platforms other than Win32 and x86.

Download Visual Lint

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