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Any organisation can only be as good as the people within it. Riverblade is a technology lead Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and as such the experience of our staff is key to the quality and success of our products.

With our main market being software developers and development teams, we believe that a brief biography of our key developers is both relevant and important.


Anna-Jayne Metcalfe

Anna-Jayne MetcalfeAnna is Riverblade's founder. She has over 15 years experience of working on development projects and is familiar with all stages of the development process, from initial requirement or bid proposal to production and post design support.

She has previously worked in development and team leader roles in both the military and commercial sectors on projects ranging from designing software architectures for military automatic test systems to designing and implementing a major portion of the user interface for a market leading subsea acoustic tracking system.

She is well known in the development community as the author of the Resource ID Organiser Add-In for Visual C++ (now part of the Riverblade product portfolio) and can often be found on the developer forums at The Code Project, where she currently has 4 articles published.

  • Product design and development.
  • Design and development of complex user interfaces in the C++ language using the Windows Template Library (WTL) and Microsoft Foundation Class Library (MFC).
  • Development of Windows Vista and Windows XP custom controls
  • Development of add-in products to add functionality to existing established products, notably Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Use of the MSXML Document Object Model and XSLT to generate DHTML and other format reports for use by clients.
  • Most recently, she has been working on the development of C++ templates to assist in developing user interfaces compliant with the Windows Vista User Experience Guidelines.


Beth Mackenzie

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Beth MackenzieBeth is a product and customer focused professional software engineer with 11 years of experience working on development projects, primarily database oriented business solutions for medium and large sized corporate businesses. During her career to date, she has worked in a wide range of industries including Retail, Parcel Tracking, Banking, Multi-media Subtitling, Defence, Manufacturing and Marine.

She is familiar with all aspects of the development process from initial product concept through to project planning, design, implementation, testing and support.

Beth has an almost uncanny ability to identify potential product opportunities and develop the resultant concepts in partnership with potential customers.


  • Visual Studio Extensibility (VS2003 up to VS2010)
  • Product conceptualisation
  • E-Commerce and Procurement applications
  • Database design and integration
  • Interfacing products to web browsers
  • Component Object Model (COM) components
  • MAPI and Extended MAPI email protocols
  • Development of add-ins to add functionality to Microsoft Office products.


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